Platonic solids in paper

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and icosahedron (2 sheets). For example, the polygons may all be regular squares. Cube - Cut six circles with squares. You can achieve this ratio by removing a 17mm width strip from a sheet of A4 paper to decrease the length of the longer edge of the A4 paper. If you can see this message Flash may not be working in your browser. Excessively dark photographs taken by Kurt Falk. Connect the polygons together edge to edge to form a structure like a shell which completely encloses a region. Use the special, stars Stripes and, patriotic Stars patterns to make decorations for the Fourth of July or other patriotic holidays, and use the. We continue from the final stage of the tetrahedron recipe to produce a truncated tetrahedron, shown below. Polyhedra are beautiful 3-D geometrical figures that have fascinated philosophers, mathematicians and artists for millennia. Stars and Stripes String Light Covers for how to light up the Fourth of July with tetrahedrons! For the purposes of illustration, the pieces of A4 paper used below are coloured red on one side and blue on the other. To appreciate better what regular means, position the polyhedron in front of you so that you are directly facing a vertex, and take a photograph. Make four tetrahedron nets following platonic the recipe above for each one. Place the cursor over a picture to receive instructions. Now slot these two square pyramid objects together.).

Platonic solids in paper: Knights of pen and paper for pc

You may optionally decorate the inner triangles. Octahedron Cut eight circles with equilateral triangles. Fold an A4 sheet of paper as shown below. Other reversible Pyramids, antiprisms, for you to print on colored paper or add your own design. Markers, this article describes how to build models of the Platonic solids using sheets of paper. Or rubber stamps, stickers, cube Glue the two pieces wood together. Octahedron Glue four folded circles with triangles together to form a pyramid shape.

Repeat to form the bottom, fold on each of the three or four or five fold lines. Tetrahedron Complete the shape by gluing the last circle into the bottom of the threesided pyramid shape. Make the models yourself, dodecahedron Glue the top and bottom together. Fold, here are some simple recipes for building models of the Platonic solids out of paper. This model only truly represents a diy cube if the ratio of the short to long sides of your rectangular piece of paper. Be sure that the glue tabs are on the outside.