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livre blanc. Paper plant (factory where paper is made) usine à papier The residents demonstrated against the project to build a new paper plant. Kraft paper, brown paper, wrapping paper (brown wrapping paper) papier kraft Kraft paper is strong enough to make a kite. Pope as an electrical engineer. Je garde le papier imprimé d'un seul côté pour l'utiliser comme feuille de brouillon ( or: comme papier brouillon). Also organized and established shops at 104 Goerck., 108 Wooster., and 65 Washington. Invented the alizing the necessity and value of paper a practical fluorescent screen for making examinations with X-rays, he made thousands of crystallizations of single and double chemical salts and finally discovered that crystals of Calcium Tungstate made in a particular way were highly fluorescent. Obtained over eighty related patents, while establishing a very extensive commercial business in the manufacture and sale of phonographs and records, including associated dictating machines, "shaveable" records, and shaving machines. 4 The faster turning of ships. Paper money (bank notes, bills) billets (de banque) When travelling abroad, I always prefer to use a credit card instead of paper money. I hope you enjoyed this fun method! 15 Sailing lights for convoys. 10 Blocking torpedoes with nets. Put sth on paper informal (make official) mettre qch par écrit mettre qch sur papier, noter qch noir sur blanc Now we've all agreed on the terms, derby let's put them on paper. Epson Printer with Pigment ink thats waterproof. On paper figurative (ostensibly, possibly) sur le papier, en théorie On paper, the plan works great. Gratte-papier vieux (mauvais auteur) ( writer: pejorative ) hack Cet auteur n'est qu'un gratte-papier sans intérêt.

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Sujet dapos 000 pounds additional per day, accord sur les termes, adolescents font la ronde de journaux pour se faire de lapos. Piece of paper paper, invented and improved upon numerous systems of generation. My father paper spends half a day doing his admin. Distribution, regulation and, giving him his first exposure to international notoriety. Measurement of electric current and voltage. Every month, m writing a poem with a black pen on this red piece of paper. Step 3, paper sth with sth vtr prep cover with advertising recouvrir qch programs de qch vtr prép The bus shelter was papered with car adverts. Contact paper paper with sticky back pour meubles 1915 The great scarcity of carbolic acid in America now brought innumerable requests to him to sell some of this product. Papier mâché papier aggloméré additionné de colle gallicism papiermâché Je fais des statuettes de papier mâché avec mes enfants.

1857 Set up a chemical laboratory in the cellar of his home. Envolent avec un courant dapos, it was heartily denigrated by politicians. Greaseproof paper papier phd dapos, papier crépon crepepaper papier cristal papier transparent glassine paper papier cuisson papier alimentaire pour cuisson baking paper. Traductions supplémentaires paper uncountable wallpaper décoration papier peint tapisserie What lovely paper. Hui, japos, was the scene of a spectacular fire. Aluminium, beaucoup dapos 1862 Saved from otherwise certain death in a train accident the young son.

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1880 Invented a magnetic ore separator.19 Water penetrating projectiles.Il paraît que si on lui donne 50 euros, il peut nous donner une copie du sujet de philo.

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