Jensen paper in oil capacitors review

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three capacitors above. This is not the same thing as if a musician makes an error and rhythm actually slows down; there just seems to be a minute fraction of a second more available between notes that allows more time for the listener to relax and sink into. Thankfully, the special naturalness and ease of a good PIO remains intact. So winter snowflakes paper by a very merry christmas just this weekend, I spend few hours to have a listening session on this three capacitors. Finally, we come to the latest contender, the Jensen Copper Foil Copper Tube. Page 2, russian SSG-3 silver mica capacitor, these 1 tolerance silver mica capacitors are another example of overbuilt, tank-like Russian new-old-stock capacitors. Due to limited time, I cant write down my impression on each track, so I will give overall conclusion of each capacitor. Its your call, not a matter of right or wrong. Perhaps aided by the mechanical integrity, this capacitor's instrument separation and localization is top-notch, and while the presentation is beguilingly smooth and organic, when called for, there is plenty of metallic sheen and ring when such instruments are struck. They share a sense of evenness, balance, and coherence, which means nothing is sticking out like a sore thumb to distract you from the music. The original signature charm of Jensens does diminish by a measure, so if you loved Jensens for their billowing, grand, bloomy richness, perhaps you should leave them alone. Compared directly to some stupendous Teflons, while not "overly" rolled-off or slow, Jensens *are* a wee bit less extended and slower, relatively speaking. Fall 2008, capacitor Musings Part 2, article. Jensen Copper Foil, Paper in Oil, in a Copper can Capacitors. In fact, the sheer amount of clarity and detail resolution the Duelund brings to the table is quite uncanny, not "for a PIO" but for any capacitor. Jensen Radial Electrolytic Capacitors (screw terminal). As comparison, I would prefer Copper Tube on 300B, Paper Tube on EL34, and Audio Note on KT88 Push Pull or perhaps 2A3. In fact, this is one of the areas where cast PIO seems to outdo most Teflon capacitors, which tend to lean a little more in the direction of metallic sheen and crackle versus the smooth and organic, to the point where sibilance and stridency can. They have an effect akin to turning up the "brightness" control a notch while turning down the "contrast" a notch in terms of video displays. Dynamicaps counter with subjectively more ruler-flat neutrality with less bloom and thickness, sounding cleaner and clearer. In fact, the upper-midrange to midrange has a lively character without brightness or dryness that is quite attractive indeed. The high resolution is there, the vocal maintains its sweetness, staging is superb. Great for valve equipment and all at a great price. The Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube was my favorite (before). A beautiful narration of the musical message without cyborg-like kinematics that perhaps gets in the way of true appreciation.

You have to pay 1020 more expensive dog for this Copper Tube compared to Paper Tube. Some companies still make them today. Is to use standard, detailed though not Teflondetailed and all the notes are present and accounted for. There is no trace make of blurred images or inconsistent tonal balance that can happen when parts are allowed to resonate or ring.

Jensen, copper Foil, paper -In-, oil, capacitor, its reputation precedes it, and.Jensen, pIO capacitors are indeed excellent PIO capacitors.

Jensen paper in oil capacitors review, Vodka bottle wrapped in papers

If you are listening back to the Paper Tube. Before some users hastily slap in some Duelunds. Gone are the days of ancient jensen paper in oil capacitors review paperinoil capacitors with overlywarm.

Due to my main job, I couldnt finish this article immediately.These have such feathery, extended highs that almost make Mundorf gold/silver seem a bit less open up top.