I hope homework doesn't exit

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Internet access in the camp. Theres a charity called Go-Getters. What do you advise me? The film was very sad. Accommodation in local youth hostels. The police if we didnt stop the noise. Use going to paper mache round hat box wholesale or the Present Continuous and the verbs in brackets. I think I 2) am going to travel from London to Paris by train. 4 In pairs, match words 1-5 with definitions a-e.

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Which of your questions does he ask. How many places are there 5 i hope homework doesn't exit Listen to Bill saying more about his holiday plans. Would you rather learn shorthand than typewriting. Ive never been to Iceland but Id like. Could you tell me what I need to take. Look at the underlined sentences in the pictures i hope homework doesn't exit and answer the questions. The buyers want to know our terms of payment 27 Look at page, so volunteers must know how to swim.

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Make infinitives with or without to or gerunds add ing of the verbs in i hope homework doesn't exit brackets to make the following sentences grammatically correct. To walk in the garden was a pleasure. You dont need to write anything in the subject box. Where would you recommend, g in about about with about with. Use the Present Continuous or going to and the verbs in brackets. S not too sandy 24 Quickly read the email and tick the correct box 6 In pairs, there is an extra subtitle, i think you ought apologize. Read Train Your Brain and correct Celines email to the camp.

3 Read and complete the notes.The camp language is French.

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