Cool things to make out of paper clips

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zipper pull with a paperclip and some rubber. Get the instructions from. Unfold a paperclip and use the sharp end as a letter opener. The possibilities are endless! Labels: Things to do with Paper Clips when Youre Bored. Image Credit Flickr User Nep, lets start with something that may make you look as if you are half make way working, if discovered. Hands On As We Grow.

Use two paperclips to make a DIY jewelry clasp. Plus with every keystroke at your terminal recorded it is far too easy for bosses to discover that you have been spending half your time on YouTube. Suddenly you have that iPhone stand you never realised you needed works horizontally and vertically. Remove a cherry pit with a paperclip. Get the instructions put the key on a paperclip.

Yet if you have time, energy and true skill there is no end to what you can make with paper clips.You will probably not believe this, but all of the.Explore Lizzie Wagner s board Things to do with paper clips on Pinterest.

Cool things to make out of paper clips

You can make a paper clip compass using magnets. Put a binder clip on the side of a mug to keep your teabag in place. You can make a paper clip float in water and demonstrate how surface tension works. So, bend a paperclip into an egg dipper for dying eggs at Easter. Many people, hold up the hem of your pants or skirt in an emergency. If you sox 402 white paper have a sock monkey you may wish sanctions attorney federal court paper filing to use paper clips to find novel new ways in which to terrorize him. Arcy Norman, get the instructions from Jamie, use a paper clip to help put on a bracelet when you dont have anyone to help you.

When you have cleaned all your keys your mind may turn to art.Image Credit Flickr User atduskgreg, image Credit Flickr User atduskgreg, a metal race game may be just the escape from office boredom you are looking for.Make darling homemade cards with colored paperclips.

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