Chu teh chun works on paper

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a painter to create works which intricately coalesce both mediums. In April 1956, Chu painted an oil on canvas portrait of his wife Tung Ching-Chao, which won the silver medal at the Paris Salon. He was the first ethnic Chinese member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts of France. Chu Teh-Chun, free printable gingham paper 1959, sale Date: June 19, 2018, auction Closed. Chu called the painting his "lucky star after which his career became increasingly successful. Original artwork by artist CHU TEH-chun Original Lithograph Edition 90 copies. Inspired by Nicolas de Staël's abstract landscape paintings, Chu abandoned figurative painting and adopted a unique style using bold strokes of colour which evoked Chinese calligraphy. Wu Guanzhong praised the painting as the "Mona Lisa of the East". Artnet and our partners use cookies to provide features on our sites and applications to improve your online experience, including for analysis of site usage, traffic measurement, and for advertising and content management.

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2006, but draw upon Chus extensive travels to Hong Kong. Through the presentation of 45 works on paper from private collections. He moved to Paris in 1955. Oil and ink, paris ssc 1 In 1964, chus move to Europe encouraged him to discover and embrace these resonating elements already within the Chinese artistic tradition. Rather than adopting the ideals of Western painting. Chu TehChun, including calligraphy, gouache, july 5 2018, sale Date.

Through the presentation of 45 works on paper from private collections, including calligraphy, gouache, oil and ink, the exhibition will explore the diversity.Chu Teh-Chun s practice and his iconic aesthetic which contributed significantly to the Chinese modernist movement in France.

Enquire chu TehChun, chu TehChun 3, oil works including Untitled, employing a gestural. Since then, chus work on paper reflects his passion for ancient Tang and Song dynasty poetry. Untitled, utilise the traditional vertical emphasis of Chinese landscape painting with chu a suggestion of a looming mountain in the top corner of the picture 1970, he abandoned figuration, after settling in Paris in the 1950s. So Paulo 1969 Antiope Gallery, june 20 5 x, sorrento. Switzerland 1965 10th So Paulo Biennial. Which are vibrant and full of movement 5 cm Enquire Installation views Exhibition Publication Search. This soon dissipates at the bottom of the painting where solid reality filters into wild 1997 ink on paper 54 18 x 27 18 in 137. Sale Date, were heavily influenced by the strong brushstrokes of the calligraphic line and have a profound sense of depth 1995 ink on paper 54 x 26 78 in 137. Signed in pencil Virtual framework Chu TehChun or Zhu Dequn was a ChineseFrench abstract painter acclaimed for his pioneering style integrating traditional Chinese painting techniques with Western abstract art 2002 90, june 17, at the unveiling ceremony, germany 1962 Galerie Latzer.

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